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Graf nsfw jessica Big Brother’s

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Jessica Graf Launches Podcast: Listen to the First Episode

Jessica and Cody tied the knot in October 2018 and welcomed Maverick via emergency C-section in March 2019.

  • Big Brother: All-Stars winner Cody Calafiore is getting a massive reality check after re-entering the real world following his half-million-dollar win.

  • She stayed low-key and won as many competitions as possible, while Julia was a bit louder and drew more attention to herself.

Big Brother: The 20 Most Attractive Female House Guests

What a first week, guys! At the end, I lost and I have to accept that.

  • Taken was unleashed upon the house.

  • I've never been away from him for more than one week! Casting Casting opened on February 17, 2017.